All enterprise activities on one platform:

› lead generation
› marketing automation
› data storage & security
› Streamline processes
› Customer relationship
› Increased efficiency
› Single source of truth
› Data analysis and insights
› Sales growth
› Automation & customisation

Our CRM System is easy to implement for organisations that are looking for solutions and system upgrades

Central Location

Store all application and student related information in one central location. Your team will have an easy access to the correct information and your database stays accurate and secure.

Application Progress

Our CRM software solution provides you with a clear picture of your applications status keeping you informed and in control.

Process Consistency

Our CRM software solutions are designed to standardise the way you track applications progress, so you can increase efficiency and produce reliable results.

Work As A Team

User access roles let you limit access and determine who is responsible for information on file.

Manage user access roles to control and assign responsibility for information stored in files.

Improve Your Efficiency

With a visual pipeline, applications are easily categorised by stages. These features provide your team with the tools to monitor your application’s priorities and momentum, and save time by refocusing efforts and allocating resources.

Useful Integrations

Our CRM software integrates with your favourite tools to help your organisation grow: Mailchimp, Encharge, Typeform, Slack, Facebook Ads, Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Xero, StudyLink,  etc…